22 Affirmations You will Always Need

It can be very difficult having to Grow Up without a Positive Thinking, which is Why these simple messages of love and truth can be just the change we seek in our lives seem to be absent in our prevalent culture together with the environment in which we are raised. Negativity and depression are around every corner and have set themselves up like booby traps, as far as the eye can see. Remember to always have you affirmations in first person pronoun, begin with I, for instance I need to focus on this not that and so on, we have stated general concepts for you drive your very own affirmations out of.

But why do we need to have to discover all of these positive affirmations only by accident and come to feel like we have hit a new, unexplored, unknown and unheard of gold mine whereas these affirmations have been found in all of historical texts and most of proverbs and morals. Here are 22 well stated and clear cut Affirmations You will Always Need to get through life:

Whenever it is that you are feeling lonely or sad, you must remember:

  1. To feel the love of all those who love you but are not physically around you at the moment.
  2.  Learn to take pleasure in your own solitude.
  3.  You are simply too big a gift to this world, you are too precious to feel self-pity.
  4. You love and approve of yourself.

When you are terrified and your life is not at risk, you must remember:

5. To focus on breathing and being able to ground yourself.
6. To follow your intuition and have your heart, keep you safe and sound.
7. To make the right choices which are good for you, every time.
8. You must draw from your inner strengths and the light within.
9. You must fully trust yourself.

If you have been feeling insignificant, you need to remember:

  1. You are unique and there is only one you in this world.
  2. You have as much to offer to the world as anybody else.
  3. You matter and whatever it is that you have to offer to this world, also matters.
  4. You may be just another one in 7 billion but don’t forget you are also just ONE in 7 billion.

Whenever you feel nervous, you will need to remember::

  1. To trust your inner wisdom and your intuition.
  2. You must breathe in calmness and exhale nervousness.
  3. The situation will work out in your favor.
  4. Wonderful things are just waiting out there, to unfold right before you.

And whenever you are angry, don’t forget to remember the final 5 affirmations:

  1. You must have the power to forgive yourself for all of the mistakes that you have made.
  2. You must let go of your anger so that you can see clearly.
  3. You must learn and accept responsibility, of your actions so if your anger has hurt anyone, accept it.
  4. You must replace your anger with a deeper understanding and compassion.
  5. You need to offer an apology to all those who have been affected by your anger.You will see the freedom and insightful experiences these 22 will bring to your life. Happy living my friend, happy living.

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