The Ultimate Secrets to Manifest Prosperity and Wealth

Discover the Ultimate Secret to Manifest and Attract Prosperity and Money.

What if I told you that nearly anybody could tap in the Universal Law of Abundance to be rich, prosperous and wealthy? Before you proceed to realize the Law of Universe and try to learn the best way of applying this Law, it is to clarify that it’s a spiritual/Mindset/Psychological process. The Law of Manifestation to attract money is a great law and  simply effective – as simple as the rule of thumb – “You are who you think you are”.

It is important to pay attention to all of those suggestions that are provided here and then come back to read the article regularly. Therefore, ensure that you will bookmark the webpage and also this website so you can repeat what you have read.

The Secret to Manifesting Prosperity and Wealth

This time, we will be following a step by step approach to understand this efficient process of money manifestation and learn the best way of applying it. Also, the same process could be utilized in order to manifest some other things such as a property, soul mate, friends, helpful and good friends, improved relationship, health and so on and so forth. On the other hand, with this article, we will be focusing on the index of money.

You should not be confused and even entangled with that terminology. We’ve frequently used the word “Universe” or the “Universal Law” yet you could replace that with God, Higher Powers, Cosmos, Creative Force and Infinite Powers when you want to.

Realizing the Secret to Revealing Prosperity and Health

  1. You would manifest exactly what you are holding inside your mind with both clarity and faith. In short, the secret is you would eventually manifest the thoughts and messages that you radiate out to a higher power or the infinite source, which is God. The mechanism at the back of it to be realized is that the universe is faithfully duplicating and mirrors the emotions and thoughts that you have and then carry them before you when it comes to physical realities like products, circumstances and persons. You could also understand it in this manner that the universe extremely and faithfully echoes what you are thinking, affirm or repeat. It’s the sum and the substance of the law of expression that you should bear in mind. While we proceed further, we must appreciate it more and then learn those techniques that are best to use when applying it to your day to day living to reveal prosperity and money.
  1. The universe will never say “No”. The next most valuable feature of this particular law of manifestation is it will always work. This is a spiritual force which is the same with a faithful and loyal Genie that would always listen and follow your command. Your command will be your repeated affirmations, beliefs and thoughts. It does not discriminate between bad or good, harmful or useful. The universe would just manifest for you, no matter how old you are, your gender, education and language that you speak. Thus, ensure that you visualize, consider, affirm and believe in right things for you and then you cut out those thoughts of negativity, lack or pessimism. The Universal Law would faithfully duplicate or mirror your thoughts. It can’t reject what you anticipate or radiate within your innermost thoughts and beliefs.
  1. Have some precise objectives. You should know accurately what you like. It’s better to write it down and look at your objectives many times each day until such time that you are able to have it. When you’re weak or vague in your belief regarding what you like or how much cash you like, you could understand that Universe as well should be weak or vague in showing what you like. Take some minutes off, jot it down using a good pen or print the amount of cash that you would like to see within the bank account someday. In case that you merely want to earn as much as 10 million dollars yet you don’t think that it is possible on your case, start with a smaller amount which you think your income can afford. When you attain it, your level of faith would go up and you could increase the amount in your imagining as well. Suppose that you own a high end model of BMW or Mercedes or a sports car such as Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche, it will be best to create a vision board of photos of the car model that you really love.
  1. Obtain wealth consciousness. Soak and drench your mind with ideas of magnificence and lavishness, convincing yourself that you’re living within the world of wealth. See photos of wealth, money and opulence that are represented by huge farm houses, luxury houses, expensive jewelry and luxury cars. Also, you take time to visit the showrooms of such brands. Whilst most articles and books on the subject might talk more on some other points, but usually they fail to highlight this portion of the final secret. Whenever you want to be inside of a great, luxury hotel, you may plan to simply enjoy bread and soup as it would cost less yet it means you’ll imbibe the luxuriousness of the place, make your emotional mind filled with that unforgettable experience of courteous service, fine cutlery as well as plush ambiance. Bring home this enjoyable experience. It is a vital exercise since this experience will help you visualize yourself that connects you with prosperity and wealth. All you need to do is to hold on to views of financial abundance within your mind, day by day, week by week in the eye of your mind, particularly just before you go to bed and after you get up.
  1. Learn how to receive. It means that you must be open to receive something from others. Eccentrically, more attention is being paid to some other things by those people who are law of manifestation practitioners. Sadly, they failed to open their doors in terms of receiving. It is the most important part of the secret to manifest money. One of the biggest reasons can be that many of us are carried out with the perception that it’s okay to give but one must not take. Do you think that it’s the belief system that should be altered as the universe would select a suitable channel to send cash to you and when you’re not an eager acceptor, how will the cash reach you? Now, you cannot say that the universe don’t assist you to manifest the cash. The next time that you obtain a gift, you should be thankful to the one who gave it, to God and accept it gracefully.
  1. Control the power of confirmations. In order to reinforce what was recommended so far, you should integrate the use of affirmations within the action plan. When you consistently repeat a positive statement together with the preferred end outcome in mind as well as within the current tense, you’re activating the mystical law of attraction. For instance, you might repeat many times each day within your mind this statement: “I’m very grateful and happy that cash is coming to me in an increasing amount coming from different sources on a consistent basis.” One more good affirmation is that “Money is coming to me instantly and easily.” The power of positive thoughts hardly needs to be highlighted, particularly when you’ve visited other parts of this site. For your convenience, here is a list of links that will lead you to a number of informative and useful blogs on affirmations:

A secret hint so as to achieve improved manifestation success: The most suitable time for doing these affirmations is at the time you wake up or before you get into the bed. It will be the best time for getting your sub conscious mind working for your benefit. Repeat the affirmation for five up to 10 minutes each time twice every day.

How Visualization Can Help In Manifesting Money

Affirmations and visualizations are two keys that word hand in hand in making it bring you wealth and prosperity. This belief takes root in the Universal law that the more that your faculties are into an idea, the more chances that it can become true. This is where visualization of being able to manifest money can help you.

This method works in a psychological level. Through visualization of what you want to manifest, in this case money, you will be able to feel better about it yourself, become more confident with stronger emotions of achieving your goal. At the same time, there is also the benefit of being able to see yourself with the expressed things you dream about.

In a way, visualization can help you correct any flaws in your plan of manifesting wealth and prosperity. Visualization is a great way to help you focus your mind to your goals and work your way to accomplishing your goals of wealth and prosperity. By simply establishing a firm picture in your mind of the things you want, you can start in manifesting the wealth you want.

To illustrate how visualization helps, you can take an example this example. Say, you have a clear wish and objective of having in your bank account the amount of $100, 000. With that in your mind, you can take some minutes each day of your bank account or passbook containing the $100, 000. Thinking like this serves to inspire and motivate you to work on actually getting that $100, 000.

It can help in visualization as well to take a print from your old statement account. Then, you can put the $100, 000 there and go into it from time to time.  Together with it, you can continue the visualization application and motivate yourself to achieve your money goals.

Leave It to The Higher Power to Deliver What’s Best for You

The world has distinctive ways of making it possible for you to make your dreams and goals come true. Call it destiny or fate or something, but the Universe conspires to offer you the best opportunities. As such, you must never doubt the Universe’s method on delivering your wealth to you. Don’t interfere with timings and channels and simply let it happen.

Leave this to the higher powers above to decide on what exactly is the best for you. With that, always be open as to receiving money in whatever medium, source, timing or method they come into your hands. This way as well, you can improve your receptivity. Just always remember that God sends it to you and be happy with it.

Let Go Of All the Negativities

In all cases, negative thought, feelings and emotions will not do you any good. That’s why right from the start you should cast away all the doubt, hatred, fears, impatience, envy and jealousy. All these things will only interfere with what the spiritual law has in store for you. The negative energy around will only blocks all the good things waiting for you.

Remember that the Universal Law is positive & pure right. Instead of the negative thoughts, thinking about nice things and stay positive so as to attract good fortune in your way. Practice spreading goodness to those around you so that you feel more positive about the day ahead. You see, the world is much like a mirror, it reflects the sunshine you give to it.

Always Watch Out Your Thoughts, Words and Expression

One way of successfully manifesting wealth and prosperity is by being vigilant to your words and thoughts all through the day. Why do you think it is imperative to be conscious of your thoughts and words? That is because all the good things in your life can all be easily wiped away by even the smallest negativity.

What are these words that can let slide all the good things that come your way? An expression such as, “I cannot afford it” or something like “I do not have cash to buy that”, these words when repeated just some times a day can make you lose all the efforts you into manifesting money and achieving your goals.

These thoughts can leave an imprint in your unconscious mind. You see, the mind can’t tell what a serious and non-serious statement is. With that, even the smallest thought of not having money can have negative effect to your money goals.

Act like You’re Already Rich

In order to successfully manifest money, don’t give yourself, or the Universe that you’re poor. Being prosperous is not all about having so much money. Sometimes, it is all about being economical and that’s what you have to do. Don’t be too strict on yourself and when you have extra money, go, look for a bargain and buy yourself a high quality shirt of a popular brand.

This way, you can act as if you are already rich but still being wise about the money you spend. You get to send an indication to the Universe about you loving going inexpensive and economical. This way, the Universe would surely send you on the way to these amazing opportunities to get cheaper and save money. It is different when you don’t actually have the money.

In this case, you can simply resolve to keep your appearance as tidy, neat and clean. The important thing is that you don’t unnecessarily hoard money. With your wisdom, you can surely find a balance as to spending and enjoying money between saving the value of your hard-earned money.

Don’t Go About Discussing IT with Other People

There are all types of people in the world. There are some who are optimistic and would surely encourage you. They will support and sincerely wish you success in your endeavor into becoming opulent and affluent. But there are all those who would like to see you fail. These are jealous people who you have to stay away from. As such, it is probably for the best to let the process of getting rich a secret to yourself so that your progress will not be halted by the negativities around you.


All the methods discussed are all powerful and cannot be fully understood in one reading. As such, it is best to go about all these methods from time to time, read them again thoroughly so that you can draw the most possible benefits you can from them. This way, you can truly attract money, abundance and prosperity in your life.


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