Affirmations that can Change Your Life

Affirmations are powerful sentences that are meant to affect both the subconscious and conscious mind. When an affirmation is said they become the thoughts that create a person’s reality. The words in an affirmation can automatically bring related mental images to mind, which can motivate, energize and inspire.

How Affirmations can Influence Your Actions

Repeating affirmations can influence behavior, actions, habits and reactions. When a person is not aware of their thoughts, their thoughts tend to be negative and even self-deprecating, resulting in a downward spiral that can lead to depression, lack of motivation and self-loathing. Negative thoughts feed negative thoughts. Using these positive statements daily can change everything. The word affirm means to say something positively, to declare firmly, asserting something to be true. Using these statements every day or whenever your mind begins to wander can shake you out of the usual negative through process and open a door to a world filled with positivity and possibility.


These statements can keep your mind focused on a goal, while motivating you and influencing your subconscious mind, activating its power. They can also change the way you think and act, which can lead you to meeting new people who can help you to reach your goals. These positive statements will give you confidence and positive energy and allow you to have a healthier outlook on life.

Use these statements during certain times of the day, repeating each one a few times.  Never doubt what you’re saying, these doubts will only stand in your way. This is one of the main reasons why some people do not experience results and lose their belief in the power of this type of thinking.

Affirm with a feeling of interest, faith and love, believing that your desires have already been fulfilled. This way of thinking accelerates the time it takes for each fulfillment.

Choosing Your Positive Statements

It’s only natural to have doubts and negative thoughts, especially if your current situation is significantly different than the goals you want to achieve. Remain positive and don’t let these negative thoughts rule you.

Here are some examples of affirmations including one for success:

Achieving success is simple and easy

I was made for success and success will always find me

The universe will help me to reach my goals

Every day brings something new and great into my life

My life has never felt so full and successful

Another example is a statement for happiness:

I allow the happy aspects in my life to rule my life.

Happiness is constantly manifesting in my world.

I deserve happiness.

Every day I am creating my happiness in my world.

Happiness envelops me like a shroud.

The type of statements you use should be based on your goals. If you’re looking for love, want to improve your relationship or aim to be more successful at work, carefully consider positive statements that clearly express these desires. Write them down keeping several copies around your home or office.

Some people believe that it takes one month of repetition for an affirmation to have an effect on your psyche, so keep this in mind as you practice these statements several times a day. In the beginning you’ll have to consciously choose to repeat these statements. As you repeat them frequently, these statements will begin to replace the negative thoughts that normally weigh you down.

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