Attract Health by Shedding Negativity

In order to attract health you must first focus on your desire to be well and imagine accomplishing this goal. Releasing negative energy and focusing on how well you feel can attract health. Do you notice changes in the way your body feels once you focus on positive thoughts instead of negative ones?  If you constantly expect to fall ill then of course you’ll begin to feel sick. This is often due to anxiety, which can cause such symptoms as upset stomach, nausea, headache, vomiting and skin flushing. In your mind these symptoms affirm your fears of falling ill. Before you can attract health you must first learn how to repel sickness.

Attract Health and Repel Sickness

Talking to friends and family members about your illness will only keep it alive and growing in your mind. Sickness comes from an emotional source, so if you want to rid yourself of this sickness you need to cut off these negative emotions each time they cross your mind.


How you naturally react to certain situations and events in your life can also lead to illness, repelling health. When you argue or are involved in a negative situation are you able to express yourself adequately or do you simply remain silent, trapping anger and negativity inside? Every time you trap negative feelings they gradually build up inside and can end up taking their toll on your overall health. There will come a time when holding all the anger and negativity inside will become too much for you. This pent up negativity will spillover, causing you to take out your anger on the wrong person, at the wrong time. A situation like this leaves you feeling guilty at your outburst and continues to feed other negative emotions. Because of this you need to destroy this cycle of negativity before it effects your health and relationships.

Ridding your body and mind of this type of emotional baggage will allow you to attract health, undoing everything that you have done to repel it. You may not realize that your fears and negativity are what’s causing you to feel ill.

Meditation to Rid the Mind and Body of Negativity and Sickness

To begin undoing this type of built-up negativity, discuss only the positive aspects of your health. Focus on what’s going right in your life. Meditation can be used as a tool to train your mind to soak up positive energy and thoughts. It can also be a great way to cope with your fears and anxiety. Try this technique for ten to twenty minutes once a day or whenever you begin feeling unwell, stressed or anxious.

Enjoying a more positive outlook on life welcomes good energy and improved health. You may notice over the coming weeks a lightness in your mind and body. Certain issues or problems that would have ruined your day in the past can now be swept to the side as you enjoy everything big and small that life has to offer.