Attract Wealth by Focusing on how to be Successful

Some people have a way of attracting wealth while others seem to naturally repel it.  There are several ways to attract wealth and these concepts stem from the world of positive psychology, which is deeply rooted in positive thinking and the type of energy a person is releasing into the world.

Attract Wealth by Ridding Your Life of Negativity

In order to attract wealth you must first believe that you’re worthy of success. The secret to being successful is releasing your negative energy, making room for only positive energy. Your mindset is crucial at this point. You must acknowledge that only you are in control of your destiny, your success and your happiness. Do not let those around you have a hand in how happy and successful you are or will become. You must let go of all your regrets, fears and shame. And most importantly, you must let go of the past.

Most people make the mistake of focusing on what’s missing in their life, what possessions they want but don’t have, or envying people who are more successful. This type of thinking is unproductive and only results in a downward spiral of negativity. This way of thinking doesn’t attract wealth, it repels it. Instead of dwelling on your current lack of wealth, focus on everything you do have and feel grateful.


You will not be able to attract wealth if your mind is trapped in negativity’s gravitational pull. Get rid of the words “I can’t”. Let go of this mindset and start thinking “I can”. You can attract wealth, you can find happiness, and you will be successful.

Envying another person’s wealth and success means that you’re occupying your mind with these negative thoughts instead of focusing on your destiny. If your mind is full of jealousy then you’re projecting negative energy and repelling wealth.

Respecting Money in Order to Attract Success

You must also respect the power of money. Money is not everything, money is not happiness, but money is essential to your success. Money takes care of your family, allows you to enjoy your life and it allows you to care for your friends or family. Respecting money means you need to track your finances on a regular basis. You need to budget and you need to understand that in order to be successful your money needs to be used well and managed efficiently. If money is properly managed it has the power to grow. Respecting money means using it properly and not throwing it around to make yourself feel better.

In order to attract wealth you need to move beyond wishful thinking. Learn everything you can about money and how others have accumulated wealth. Look at other successful people as your teachers. Study their habits and beliefs.