Developing Clairvoyance

Developing Clairvoyance can be hard as some of the clairvoyants tend to see things with their mind’s eye whereas some see with these things with their physical eyes. Both of these Clairvoyants are a possibility.  However, it is much more common to be able to see with the mind’s eye. A clairsentient may just look at your photo and immediately pickup on what you feel and can you’re your emotions, any skilled clairvoyant would probably also be able to see your aura and in turn the essence that you are all about, your spirit. They may also be able to speak at lengths about your Spirit Guides or the Angels around you. So when reading a certain situation, it is highly likely that a clairvoyant may be able to see a symbol, this symbol can be anything from a movie scene to an object that will act as a metaphor to guide them through the situation.

The ability to receive clairvoyant images can said to be one thing, not all clairvoyants are this gifted at interpretation and some might not even be able to interpret successfully what they see. To be able to interpret any vision or symbol accurately, you will as a Clairvoyant need to make use of your claircognizance and clairaudience too.

Here is an effective Exercise that you may use for Developing Clairvoyance:

You must begin by visualizing, visualize yourself holding 7 balloons. These balloons are of all the colors in the rainbow, from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, even violet and indigo. You must now visualize yourself letting go of the balloons one by one, you must begin with the red balloon. As you let them go, watch them float up to the blue sky until they disappear before you release the next one.

If you are not really used to visualizing, this exercise could prove be quite difficult. You may find it extremely difficult to be able to concentrate and it may prove to be a difficulty, for you to be able to visualize colors, vividly. Any activity that makes use of your visual imagination will prove to be good for strengthening your clairvoyant abilities, and sometimes even developing them from scratch. Dependent on how strong and capable your imagination muscles are you can practice and carry out effective Clairvoyance.
The better and more well-oiled your imagination is, easier it will be for you to indulge into the practice as your spirit will be with greater ease able to send clearer messages to you. You can get started with another method if this is too difficult. Imagine a third eye, and visualize the third eye opening up, if you do this regularly you are setting up an intention and making it strong, a strong intention tends to produce effective results.

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