Guided Meditation for Sleep

Due to the many cases of diseases nowadays, people turned to the many different ways of practicing a healthier lifestyle. Healthier lifestyle includes having proper nutrition, having physical and mental alertness and even a better sleep. For some people, sleeping is taken for granted. They give less attention to it because they believe that work is more important than sleeping. Sleeping actually provides a lot of benefits for your body that would make your health status better. However, too much of it might also cause health risks. According to reliable sources, the right amount of sleep every day should be 7-9 hours for adults and more for teens and kids.

Did You Know?

Having a quality sleep improves your memory.

Based from studies, during sleep you can fortify your memories and practice your skills which you have learned while you were still awake. The researcher said that with practice, you can learn something whether it is mental or physical and while you are sleeping, something happens that enables you to learn it better. This process is called consolidation. So, if you are trying to master something today like a new language and a new sport technique, more quality sleep can be of help. It might be the solution for you to clearly remember the things that you have been studying for an important exam because sleeping is also vital in your memory formation. Thus, making you concentrate better on anything you do. This will help you be more focused on your work which will make you a more productive citizen.

Sleeping can generate more happy cells.

Have you ever wonder why your parents would tell you to get some sleep when you are in a bad mood? Or when an adult say that a crying baby or kid may lack more sleep because of his/her behavior? This is because sleeping can help in the generation of more happy cells. It can promote a better mood for an overall well-being. Surveys show that almost all of the people who lacks sleep easily felt irritable that ruined their day.  Lack of sleep has an impact when you are solving a problem and especially your judgement so you get irritable. When you have the right amount of sleep, you can achieve an emotional stability that can lead in decreasing emotional anxieties.

Better sleep can avoid getting sick.

As what the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughter is part of being happy and since sleeping helps you to have a happier life, then, it is more likely for you to prevent illnesses. A right amount of sleep can help boost your immune system which fights harmful bacteria and viruses inside and outside your body. When you are not happy, you may be sad or stress and lack of sleep can result to developing many kinds of cancer. Cancer is not caused by the foods that you eat but also from sleep deprivation. In addition, a good sleep may also lessen the risk of curb inflammation. Inflammation is linked to arthritis, diabetes, stroke, premature aging and heart diseases. Blood levels of inflammatory proteins gets higher when you get lesser sleep. Migraines and frequent headache can also be a result of sleeping less. You can check you sleep schedule to know if you are getting enough sleep to experience this kinds of health problems.

Sleep right to stay fit.

Sleeping well can be the best way to stay fit. Multiple studies implicate that you get a higher chance of getting obese if you don’t get the right amount of sleep needed by your body. Researchers said that not having enough sleep can increase your appetite due to hormonal changes brought by less sleep. It can slow down your metabolism thus, aiding to your weight gain. This will support the fact that sleeping less can make you more sexy and skinny.

Enough sleep can make you look younger.

Beauty products can help maintain a healthier and younger looking skin. They can control premature skin aging. But having enough sleep can also be incorporated to take care of your skin. It can help you be more attractive. While you are sleeping, your skin also recover from damages caused by sun exposure and other external trouble.

There are 3 common ways to solve your bad sleeping habits such as using guided meditation to sleep, using mindfulness meditation to sleep and using progressive muscle relaxation to sleep. In using guided meditation to sleep, you listen to an audio track of a person giving you instructions for meditation. You just have to follow the meditation to help you fall asleep. Guided meditations to sleep are available in the internet. It can also be downloaded from your smartphone or you can find it on DVD or CD shops.

Choose meditation techniques for sleep from a genuine source to ensure the best results. Before downloading it, read the feedbacks and check the rating on the application to help you decide whether to download it or not. Make sure that the guidedmeditation to sleep is next to your bed so that you can hear it clearly of use your headphone to prevent you from hearing any outside noise.  Then, find your best sleeping position and start the audio. After listening to it and you did not fall asleep, you may take a deep breath and listen to it again.

Using mindfulness meditation is a bit different from the first meditation to help you fall asleep because instead of focusing on the audio track, here, you have to pay attention on the way you are feeling in the moment to relax you mind and body. On the other hand, using progressive muscle relaxation to sleep is a deep sleep meditation where you use your physical body. You simultaneously tense and relax your muscles to lead in the state of total relaxation and help you fall asleep.

Learning on how to meditate to sleep may be a bit difficult at first but as time goes of doing it repeatedly will achieve your end goal and that is to have enough sleep every day. There are different strokes for different folks so it is still in your hands to decide what the best meditation to sleep for you is.


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