How Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Being in an unhealthy body state is quite a burden for many individuals. It does not just put your health at risk but at some cases lower’s the individual’s self-esteem which lead on a miserable living. But through the help of modern technology, it’s now an easy task to loss weigh. From all those operation offered to pills and supplements that promise real outcome, there are already lots of ways for you to lose weight. But aside from those known weigh loss method, there is still one way to lose weight that you might not familiar with.

You can lose weight through mind-control or hypnosisBut of course, talking about hypnosis, the first thing that will come in your mind is something like a party trick cast-off on people to do crazy actions. Well, it’s not like that. With a purpose of treating something, we can call it “the hypnotherapy for weigh loss”.

What is hypnotherapy for weight loss?

Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with some therapeutic intervention. A therapist will use hypnosis to lead or help the patient acquire a positive change while having a deep relaxation in a state of trance. Contrary to a certain belief, during hypnosis the patient will not lose his/her consciousness, is still under control of his/her faculties, thus will not follow orders and do things that s/he doesn’t like.

Hypnotherapy is used to stop addictive and undesirable habits without the use of any medication. For overweight individuals, this can be used to control the urge of eating what is more than necessary.

In a typical session of hypnotherapy, patients will be asked to seat comfortably or lie down. And then the therapist will start what should be done (usually by using helpful phrases). But in today’s modern environment, therapist also innovates and develops new hypnosis technique. This is now better called as NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Hypnotherapy for weigh loss has 3 basic representation modes which are through Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual. This is now considered as one of the best way to lose weight.

How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

You now have an idea of what hypnotherapy for weigh loss is, let’s now take at mini concept or more concrete ideas on how you will lose weight through the help of hypnosis.

  1. Positive accentuation. Hypnotherapy usually recognizes the use of positive suggestions. An aversive or negative suggestions such as “chocolates will only cause you tooth ache” might be effective, but not in a long run. If you are looking for a lasting change, positive thinking is the solution. This famous positive hypnosis suggestions was devised by a father-son hypnotherapy tandem doctor Herbert and David Spegeil. Usually, hypnotherapist encourage patients to write down their own positive accentuation and repeat it in a daily bases. Overtime, you will know that you start changing your eating habits, therefore leads to a long lasting effect.
  1. Visualize your Belief. This is just similar on the saying “what you see is what you get”. Noticed that each individuals have reached their dream or goal because they believe in it. This is also applicable to hypnosis. Patients are tricked to believe they could be under control of other individual. So once the hypnotist suggests that you see something, and a certain thing trigger this belief hypnotic responsiveness will therefore be increased. Once you believe, you can achieve. Hypnotherapist will help you visualize the necessary actions needed for you to lose weight.
  1. You already have what you need. Well, everything that is needed for you to achieve your goal just lies in your inner self. It’s all about your innate abilities. Hypnotherapist will only trigger those inner desire and balance but you are still the one who’s responsible for making that certain change.
  1. If you can imagine, then it will happen. Visualization is a powerful tool that can change a person’s belief and habits. Imagining something before it actually occurs, will ready you for the reality. Envisioning a daily healthy eating habits is one helpful step on making it into reality. Just imagine yourself looking great, and surely you will unconsciously get motivated to achieve your goal. Remember that your mind is powerful and is capable of giving you whatever you want to achieve. Hypnotherapy will guide you to properly and effectively do this.
  1. Symbolic Imagery. Hypnotherapist often harnesses the power of using symbolic imagery. This is something like putting all your food cravings into a hot air balloons and let it fly into the sky. Hypnotherapy will help you create counter symbols which will place you away from those food cravings.
  1. Milton Erickson, a hypnosis innovator once emphasized the necessity for the use of existing patterns. Well, it’s not the case nowadays. Hypnotherapy now modifies this existing hypnosis technique by changing your unhealthy cravings into a healthy one. For example, you really crave for ice cream, instead of eating those why not get frozen yogurt? Hypnotherapy will help you have right and healthy food intake decisions.

Weight loss and hypnotherapy

Hypnosis means being in a certain state of deep concentration and inner absorption such as trance. Hypnosis is typically done by the help of a person expert on doing this. In case of weight loss issue, hypnosis will be used as a sort of therapy to help the patients achieve a desirable change. A hypnotherapist, or the person who does hypnotherapy uses mental images and verbal repetition in the process. If a person is under hypnosis, the attention becomes highly focused and responsive to the given suggestions which include behavioral changes that are helpful in losing weight.

Hypnosis to lose weight reviews states that hypnotherapy is a great way to lose weight. Unlike any other weight loss plan, hypnotherapy usually provides long lasting effect. But you must already expect that this treatment needs time, take this slowly but surely. The effectiveness of hypnotism and weight loss come hand in hand.

You have to take a step by step procedure until you each your goal. It might be like those operation for weigh loss that can take only for a day. But it will surely worth the wait. Hypnotherapy is for people who are looking for a way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy body through their lifetime.

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