How to Hypnotize yourself?

Once that you are completely relaxed, you are ready to do one or all of the following things:

Create an Anchor Point

An anchor point is often a point on your body you could touch to trigger quiet and calm, relaxed feelings. Ideally, it’ll be somewhere you can reach easily, such as your own hand or wherever you feel it would be comfortable. To create an anchor point, think of the place or the one who makes you feel essentially the most relaxed and then visualize yourself there or with him or her. Concentrate on how calm and comfortable you feel, and then touch your chosen anchor point, while expounding on to yourself (preferably out loud, but in a calming a voice, as though you are actually talking to a child) how relaxed and comfortable you are. Once you are done doing this count backwards from twenty to zero, any time you want to re-enter this state associated with relaxation, all you need to do is touch this anchor point. Once you do this, count backwards by 10 and open your eyes wide and you will feel the relaxation that you seek.

Alter Your Associations

Once you have achieved a state associated with mental and physical peace, you can start to develop new associations with the triggers of the anxiety. Imagine the circumstance, setting or object that usually triggers your anxiety, then add something to the scenario, a place or an object which makes it funny, rather than disturbing. For example, if you fear spiders, picture a spider. Then change the picture of the spider in your head until it does not scare you anymore. Try giving it a hat, make it rainbow-colored, or have it start a tap-dance, to an interesting song. The point of that exercise is to have you associate your fear with a relaxed mind-set. With the object of your anxiety related more to calmness than tense anxiety, you will be able to control you anxiety. Do this until you will be able to picture the object of the anxiety and feel an automatic positive reaction.

Identify and Exchange

In relation to your anxieties, start writing in a journal beforehand, this may allow you to figure out what beliefs you could have that are positioning you back. For instance, I’m not safe in a public bus, or that other people are always thinking negatively about you. Once people are able to identify these beliefs, think about what exactly you believe in, that might be more useful and positive. For instance, I know how I can protect myself, and I think positive things about others so they really probably think positive things for me too.

If you look at things positively, they will become more positive as your input will be positive and you will be able to attract positive-ness. Avoid negative thoughts and think all your anxieties through!

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