How to Perform Astral Projection

You must at first reach a hypnotic state; this certain hypnotic state is what is normally, known to be the hypnagogic state. This is where you will let your body and your mind approach sleep, yet you will not completely lose your consciousness. It is only being at the edge of wakefulness and sleep, a hypnotic state, is necessary for astral projection to occur.

You will need to enter into a certain state of vibration, where as many report an immense feeling of vibrations, that comes in waves and at different frequencies, we know that this is the soul preparing to leave the physical body for an insightful out of the body experience. Do not be afraid of all the vibrations, and since there is a presence of fear associated with death and the unknown. You may cause your soul to leave your physical body in a meditative state and instead, fall a victim to the vibrations just as your soul prepares for leaving your body.

You must start to use your mind in an attempt to move your soul and have it leave your body. You must imagine it all in your mind the room where you are lying, as you move your body and in your mind, you stand up. You must vividly look around yourself, taking all the little details and get up, getting off the bed and walking across the room in which you were stationed. You must then turn around and take a good look at your body that still lies on the bed. In addition, returning to your body will never be difficult for your soul is invisibly connected to your body.

Sometimes this connection is referred to as the “silver cord.” Now you must let this force be the guide of your soul, and let it bring it back to your body. You can re-enter your body and as soon as you do you will move, moving your fingers and your toes and doing so in real time and physically, and not just in your mind is what will let you regain your full consciousness. You must confirm with yourself that you are only projecting your soul out from your body.

It will be only once that you have mastered this act of being able to project your soul right from your body being in the same room that you will soon want to be able to confirm that you had indeed been in two separate planes, all at once. Yu can always explore further and it will be during a subsequent astral projection session. You may go to the locations which are lesser familiar to you. You will be able to notice that each time that you begin to explore and take notes; you will see something that you have never seen there before.

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