Instant Hypnosis

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There are quite a few ways to instant hypnosis; you must however begin with getting your subject to sit in a comfortable chair. Have your subject, sit in a comfortable chair, they must with their back directly against that of the back of this chair, and have them place their knees together. You must make sure that the subject is not standing up even after you are done hypnotizing them, they will need to relax completely and then you will have to support them to their feet, catch them! You must learn to reassure your subject regarding the safety of hypnosis, and convincing them upon how it will never hurt or cause them any damage, in away what so ever, both physically or to their brain. You must take their hand and place it flat on the top of your hand. Whilst both of your palms would be touching, and it will be the back of your hand that should be on the table, place their hand on the top.

You must then tell them to push down right on your hand, and to do it as hard as they reasonably can, as they look at a point right on the middle of your forehead. You need to make sure that they are concentrating as best as possible right on this one singular point, all the while still pressing your hand down.

Distract them, after a few moments and tell them to get down to spelling their own name and that too backwards, or have them sing the alphabet song. As they begin switching focuses, you will need to get these three things done very quickly all at once:

You should pull your hand away right from under their hand, do so as quickly and smoothly you can.

Shout out the word “Sleep!” and do so in a very loud voice.

You must at this stage nudge them backwards and do so very slightly, begin with pressing their shoulder lightly with your palm. They are now in a trance and you must perform these steps almost immediately right after the induction, to ensure that you can hypnotize them.

You will need to put your hand right on the back of their neck, slowly you will need to start rocking their head. And in a soft voice repeat phrases such as: “As I rock you, you are going into a deep, deep trance. Even a deeper trance, the more I rock the deeper the trance gets.” You must repeatedly make use of these phrases and gently remove their hands from their lap if they lay their, you now have your subject hypnotized. However, despite the conventional belief of your subject obeying your every command, they are still bound by their subconscious which holds their morals and values and they will not violate what they believe in when not under a trance.

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