Meditation – The Silent Mind

No matter what path in life you decide to follow for meditation, always the first and foremost thing to do will be to try to make your mind both calm and quiet, hence the silent mind. If your mind has constantly been roaming about, it is, you must know before things get out of hand, that what may happen to you as a victim of such merciless thoughts may be subjected to. With such negative thoughts and thought processes, you will be able to make almost no progress whatsoever. The silent mind needs to be calm and quiet and one must make every attempt in doing so, which when light descends right from above, you would be fully conscious about it.

It will be under your conscious observation that your conscious acceptance which has to do with light and enlightenment, that you may willingly enter in that profound meditation where you may see the purification, illumination and transformation that you seek, in your life.

How will you be able to make your mind all calm and quiet? To tell you the truth mind has been blessed with its own powers, and with meditation and the empowering of your silent mind you find that this power may be stronger than all your current eagerness and determinations.

And if you are able to get help right from your heart, then you must be gradually able to control not only your body better but your mind too. It is the heart, which in turn, is subjected to getting constant assistance which comes straight from the soul, and which might as well be all light and energy. You will experience raised energy levels and be able to better understand who you are as an individual and what meditation really is.

Such a relationship would only begin right after we have had access and have come across our true self. It is only that real meditation will begin with an awakening. A few things need to be understood here. Beyond thinking, who are we? What exactly is the mind?

Throughout spirituality and its history of it, there have been quite many debates regarding this matter. Ancient religions such as Buddhism have had such positive perception and the concept of eliminating with which the mind can be trained to look beyond what it sees and become much better a person.

We must look at it, in the way that we as humans and as possessors of mind must look at something which is much more than important. We can only actually make use of our mind to be able to think in ways where we can actively and quite so creatively participate fully in the thinking process, which may add to our personalities and make us better individuals with the silent minds that we may with training and meditation come to possess.

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