Effective Affirmations for Weight Loss & Right Eating Habits

1- Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss to Help You Get in Shape

Do you find it hard to lose weight? Positive affirmations for weight loss can help you out. This page will be sharing to you 15 positive affirmations that you can use to get help and motivation when struggling to lose weight, as well as 25 effective affirmations for healthy right eating habits.

Permanent weight control or weight loss requires a major lifestyle change. The affirmations that you will find here will help you gradually but surely change the way you live your life for better! It is advisable that you use them on a regular basis. It is simply because in many cases, weight control or weight loss is the direct function of people’s lifestyle. It goes to say that the foods that we eat, the number of times we eat everyday and the way we eat determine our body weight and our weight issues. To help combat the problem, make use of an applicable weight loss affirmation.

Many diets work just as long as the diet is applied. The moment you stopped, you will regain the pounds that you previously lost. It just means that unless you put a change in your lifestyle and your mindset, you will again get into weight problems. The positive affirmations for losing weight would assist you in changing your lifestyle for better and slimmer YOU.

According to researches, the human body is capable of maintaining the weight in which the brain feels comfortable with. When your mind finds it important, your body will begin accumulating weight and soon, you will just find yourself overweight.  For instance, during your childhood, when you thought that being big bodied is helpful for some security reasons, your subconscious mind will start making your body work to accumulate weight and keep it up. The amount of weight that your body has gained in this manner might be difficult to remove if  your mind does not deal with it first. In this case, there is no any form of dieting that can help.

To lose weight, it is important for one to change his/her way of thinking. You need to make your mind comfy and at ease with the new body weight that you desire. Weight loss affirmations can be so helpful in this matter. However, if obesity is a result  of some glandular malfunction, affirmations and diets may not work in such cases. If so, You will need to undergo a medical treatment for the same. If you’re grossly overweight consult your doctor for any glandular issues before you start using an affirmation or diet.

It is important to be careful when you use affirmations. You must never say that you are fat because in that case, you focus on the problem. Whatever you concentrate on, surely will grow. You should put all your attention and time on the issue so you can say something like “I’m slim” or “I’m losing weight every day and I will be getting slimmer and slimmer over time”.

When you’re determined then you should repeat these affirmations again and again. You can do it few times each day. As always, you can combine 2 or more of such affirmations to motivate your body to lose weight. You can even write your healthy weight loss affirmations, take a cue from these:

  • I weigh __________ kilograms or pounds.
  • Each day, in each way, I’m approaching the suitable body weight for me.
  • I love being slim and physically fit. I lose enough pounds so I’m at my best body weight.
  • My metabolism rate is at its peak and it is helping me reach my weight loss goal.
  • I really love to eat healthy and nutritious food and doing this helps me in reach my ideal body weight quickly and easily.
  • I love to exercise that helps reach my target body weight.
  • I’m physically active and that helps me reach my weight loss goal.
  • Each day, in every way, I am getting fitter and slimmer.
  • I carefully chew all the foods I eat for proper digestion and it will help me reach my best body weight.
  • I breathe deeply each time so my metabolism will be at its best rate.
  • I unconditionally love myself.
  • Life is so good and I enjoy life through getting in shape and maintaining the body weight suitable to me.
  • Each physical motion that I make is burning the extra fat and it helps me keep my ideal weight.
  • Each cell in my body is fit and healthy, so am I.
  • I can easily control my body weight by means of proper diet and exercise.


2- Proper Eating Affirmations that Promote a Healthy Life

The affirmations for right eating condition your body and mind for healthy and nutritious eating, and that is extremely important for your health. It is important to select a right eating affirmation which suits your requirement. You should write it down and paste it on your dining table or on the refrigerator’s door.

Affirmations for Right Eating

  • I prefer to alter my habits in eating and I easily make it.
  • I only eat when I get hungry and I stop before the point I am full.
  • I ignore those fake messages of starvation and I only eat when needed.
  • I forgive myself for consuming wrong food, and will not eat the same again.
  • I love and give value to my life so I can resist the lure of consuming processed products.
  • I simply swap those foods that contain refined sugar w/ natural food.
  • I know that eating the right food in the right time is fun and easy, I love my whole body so I take care of myself through proper diet.
  • I release the urge to eat before the point that I am full.
  • I release the need to eat which trigger discomfort and indigestion.
  • I substitute foods that are rich in fat with foods that are rich in water.
  • Emotional and eating comfort is different and I forgive myself when I eat too much.
  • I eat high energy food instead of high fat food and any unwanted fat is  being eliminated from my body today.
  • I release all the excuses and reasons for failing to eat nutritious meals.
  • I change dieting with some healthy and good eating habits and principles.
  • I and healthy eating are just one and I’m satisfied with my proper eating habits.
  • I am accepting healthy eating as a “way of my life”.
  • I just eat nutritious food.
  • I just eat the adequate amount at the correct time.
  • I reject to allow other people to sway me to consume more.
  • I can eat right without hurting the feelings of anybody.
  • I’m allowed to refuse food easily.
  • The nature is giving more than one great food to me.
  • I keep my mealtime proportions enough and small.
  • I eat more fruits and veggies instead of salty and sugary food high in fat.
  • Fresh veggies taste and feel good within my mouth.
  • I am getting all the important nutrients that my body needs.


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