Telepathy for beginners. Is telepathy possible?

Is telepathy possible?

Many of us have once or more experienced the transfer of our thoughts which may be in one form or just another, remember that time when you thought of a person seconds ago and the phone rang right after. This is somewhat in connection to déjà-vu, where you may have had seen a vivid image and later, this is when sentiments or thoughts seem to transmit from one individual to another, through non physical means and beyond time and space.

How to Learn Telepathy

Learning telepathy is not very difficult and for beginners you can get started with three simple steps, these three steps being the following:
1. A complete understanding of the phenomenon
2. Skillfully learning and being to work with your own energies
3. You must start with identifying your thought patterns and processes, just so you know whenever there is a thought that had not been generated by you.

Yes TELEPATHY is possible.
Yes, it has been proven over centuries that transmission of thoughts is a possibility and there have been various documented cases of telepathy, and numerous accounts all through history have been able to give us a very clear insight and an indication over the possibilities of thought transmission. From Mark twain to many more renowned people in history there have been witnesses and personal experiences of telepathy. Prominent scientists inclusive of Albert Einstein, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud had been intrigued by the phenomenon and researched.

Telepathy takes place spontaneously or at your will. A sender who is willing sending a message to a willing receiver comes at the highest success rate and upon instances, many of these transmissions can happen when you are not even trying or expecting them to. Learn with IAC how you can master telepathy.

How to use mental telepathy:

Step 1

Understand the phenomenon know that its nature falls beyond the physical dimension you can think of it as an extra physical dimension which may help to focus your efforts at just the right areas. Relax your body and remember that your thoughts are what participate in telepathy and not your physical body. Your will power and concentration being a sender is the most important, where you have the chances of increasing the volume of energies and your sentiments more clearly as you make your telepathic transmission.

Step 2

Learn to perceive and control your own energies, if you are able to successfully unblock the energy body you will also be able to master how to decouple energetically and with great ease from other consciousnesses. When we are in a connection energetically with someone, we tend to find telepathy to be a more growing and stronger phenomenon, though this connection is established naturally and is very powerful, you can build it over time too.

Step 3                        

With a clear baseline set at “quietude” you will be able to enable yourself into identifying a few high-contrast variations of thought-sentiment related events, this is where your thought will clearly be very different from your general thinking and you will have a difficulty being able to identify the source of this thought which may or may not be yours. The right level of energies and quietude will help you telepath at your will.

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