The Building of Self-Confidence

So how exactly do you plan to build this rewarding sense of balanced self-confidence that can only be founded, with a firm appreciation of reality? The bad news is actually that there is no quick fix, or a five-minute solution to lower self-esteem and or a poor self-confidence. The great thing is that becoming more confident is readily achievable, if you have the right degree of focus and determination to see and work out things through. What’s more better? The even more good news is that when you work to build your self-confidence you’ll also end up building success – all the things which must be considered, to help your self-confidence grow, will come from real, solid achievements. No one can take your achievements away from you!

So here are the three scientifically proven steps to self-confidence, for which we will be using the metaphor of a journey: preparing for your own journey; setting out the sails in the right direction; is all equivalent to accelerating towards success.

Step one: Preparing for Your Voyage

The first step involves acquiring the will power and enough determination to last you well, for your entire journey. Only then you will be able to succeed on your quest to self-confidence. You will need to consider where you are, think about where you need to go, get yourself comfortable and shape your mindset in to just the right mindset for this insightful, life changing journey. You must commit to yourself into starting it and staying with it till the end.

Step Two: Preparing

In preparing for the journey, you must do these very important things:

Look at all that you have already been able to achieve. In addition, you must take into consideration your life insightfully, and list the 15 best things you have achieved in the “Achievement Log.” You could then possibly came to a conclusion of where you stand and these achievements can be anything that you take pride in, from “Acing” an important test or exam, to having played a vital role in a sports team or what so ever. Put all of these achievements into a smartly formatted document, which you can go through often. Then, spend a few minutes of each weekend enjoying and celebrating the success you have already nailed!

Step Three: SWOT-ing!

The Next and last step is that, you must think about your advantages and make use of a technique called the SWOT Analysis to have a look at who and where you might be. Looking at your good results and that success log, and reflecting on your current life situations, think very hard and honestly, what your strengths would be. Now think as a friend and analyze your own strengths and weaknesses and from these, think about the opportunities and threats you face and you are set to get started on your journey.

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