The healing of Spiritual Abuse

It is when someone enters your personal space, and connects with you on an energy level, that they tend to cross a certain psychic boundary. It is here that your energy system may be able to design and run on your very own, unique energy. This kind of an out of the world, psychic invasion can be a leading cause of all kinds of spiritual problems. Some or a lot of foreign energy can influence your system and create the feeling of discomfort, lead to blocks, to confusion, and sometimes even pain, and in a few extreme cases, it might as well lead to a disease, this must be healed, and it can heal with the help of the spirit guides.

How can you contact the Spirit Guides?

The Spirit guides have also been called ‘guardian angels’, but no matter what the name, the primary function remains the same. It is only a matter of fact that a true spirit guide will be the one, which will have an evolved understanding of your spirit and would have agreed to help grow and support the evolution of your spirit. The Spirit guides respect you and respect your free will, they believe you have every right to choose and head towards the path of your own liking. Whilst the spirit guides tend to be always there for an individual, many people take time to become aware of their existence and presence.

The Spiritual Healing Process
So who and what you really are together with whatever you want to be and to do in your life is a form of your spiritual intent. Given that any part of the physical reality which you have to come to live in, fails to match your spiritual intent at any level, may lead to multiple problems. We can say that spiritual healing is that one process which may bring about all the pieces that your physical life has to an alignment together with your spiritual intent, it keeps a balance between for a lifetime.

Can there be a Psychic Pain in your Neck?
Yes, there are growing possibilities of having a psychic pain in your neck, where along with multiple  injuries and or a poor posture, for the lesser known causes of a neck and potentially an upper back pain may be triggered. This pain is inclusive of the psychic weight of all the expectations that have been placed upon you, and the invasive psychic communication, which comes loaded with the unwanted energies which persistently push into your energy field.
Once you have mastered the art of physic healing, you will witness a great change in yourself as you will not be pushed into frustrations easy and will find yourself more resilient to diseases which you had earlier, very easily slipped into.


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