Use the Law of Attraction, How, What is the Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

Well the law of attraction has come forward as a popular belief that states every negative or positive event in your life being the resultant of the force of attraction that you produced, ending up attracting it. You were saved by your best friend from a financial crisis, well you attracted both of that, the financial crisis and your best friend, but you did that without any prior knowledge of the law of attraction, imagine what you can do if you understand the law? So the next time you have a hard time putting up with somebody remember that you have attracted it. We make use of this law almost every other day, and we are not even aware. Law of attraction can very simply be divided into three steps, ask, believe, and receive.

We are now going to show you how you can Use the Law of Attraction. There are seven actions that will help you achieve these three basic steps.

Step one:

You will need to meditate for about 5 to 10 minutes, this will help increase brain power and set your mind at a relaxed state.

Step Two:
Don’t be in doubt, know exactly what you want

You must remember that you are sending a request, right into the universe, which has been created from thoughts, the only medium to get there is through your thoughts and the only way to be answered is through them. You must know exactly what you seek, to stumble upon exactly what you want. If you are not certain, you will get a clouded frequency, which will not give you the results that you seek.

Step three:
Asking the Universe

Once you make your request, you must send in a picture of what exactly it is that you want to the universe and it shall be answered. You must believe and think of this thing that you really want to be already yours, the more vividly detailed your vision is, the better it is for you. If you really want to get your hands on that pair of branded shoes, see yourself wearing them, running in them, your friends admiring them. This is how to apply the Law of Attraction; you probably get the idea by now.

Step Four:
What you really wish for, write it down

You must start with “I am so very happy now that…” wind the sentence up with a few words, stating in the present tense how you enjoy the thing that you have always wanted. Remember you must write as if you already have it, and imagine for the rest of the days till you get this wish granted of how you are enjoying this blessing that you have asked the universe for.

Step Five:
You must feel it

Try feeling the way you will be once your wish is fulfilled, act, think and speak in the way that you will after you have what you have asked for. This is the most important and the powerful of all steps, this is where it actually starts to work and it is because of this step that your desire of having your wish granted will tone down, as you will believe you already have it and this feeling will grow to a degree that the universe will soon manifest your thoughts and you will receive just what you seek.

Step Six:

Be grateful for all that the universe has already bestowed upon you, this give you a very fulfilling sense of life.

Step Seven:
Trusting in the Universe

You will need to imagine an alternate dimension, see yourself in that dimension and trust the universe for knowing more and everything happening for the better. Believe in the bigger picture!

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