What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection means an experience, which is out-of-body (OBE), it is during this experience that the astral body tends to leave our physical body and makes a journey to an astral plane. The people often tend to experience this state; when going through an illness or when they have been involved in an experience that gave them a close encounter with death. It is also a possibility to be able to practice an astral projection all at will. You can get started with Astral Projection with a few simple steps. You must start right in the morning and rather than practicing an astral projection at night, before you go to sleep for the consequences can be deadly. You must start right in the early morning where you are still very sleepy in the early hours.

Some say that it is very easy to reach a certain level, where the necessary state of relaxation is achieved and a heightened awareness all around dawn. Yet there is a growing possibility for an effective astral travel where at any time there are no strict rules, what so ever. There is a need of personal preference where a simple astral travelling can be put into action for us to feel empowered to be able to do it.

You must create the right atmosphere in order to astral projection, which requires for an individual to be in a state of deep relaxation.  It should still be performed only when you are comfortable. Try lying on a sofa or your bed; you must relax your mind and it will soon become easier to be able to perform an astral projection. Pulling off an Astral Projection alone is considerably quicker and easier than with more people in the room.

If you frequently sleep with someone you must not sleep with your partner the day you decide to go for an Astral Projection, you must choose one room that must be other than your bedroom, which you can use to practice an effective astral projection. It is also a good time to practice an Astral Projection especially when no one else is around, and you must make sure that nobody walks inside the room when you are in the middle of an astral flight.

You can always draw the curtains or shades and block out noises entering the room that may be distracting. You must avoid any type of interruptions and ensure that nothing disrupts that state of mind and relaxation that you must achieve.

You should lie down and relax. This will be the position where you will lie on your back in that one chosen room. You must now close your eyes and make an attempt to clear your mind from all the distracting thoughts. You must learn to concentrate and be able to channel your energies through your body and feel the Astral projection. The primary goal is however to be able to achieve a certain state of a completeness of the mind and body’s total relaxation.


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