What is Inside the Book “The Secret”?

What is “The Secret”- a common question of those people who have not tried reading this book? The Secret is one of the best selling help book in 2006 primarily written by Rhonda Byrne. This book is based on an earlier film of similar name. It is inspired by the law of attraction and eventually claims positive thinking that can create life changing results such as increased health, happiness and wealth.

The Secret book by Rhonda Byrne is also known as secret law of attraction book that was already sold millions of copies worldwide and had been already translated into forty-six languages.   This is just a manifestation that this book really offers great lesson and experience that you should also have.

Tips that Comes from The Secret

Inside the book “The Secret” are several pieces of ideas that are considered to be exciting, surprising and a bit controversial that can effectively change your life’s perspective and approaches. To give some idea with regards to the content of the book, here are some of the tips that you may find inside and these are as follows:

  • If you are going to focus your attention on accomplishing your goal and believe in yourself that you cannot only do it but you have already done it, you can immediately acquire virtually whatever type of goal your mind is set to.
  • If you are focusing on the things that you don’t want, you are unintentionally drawing such thing in your life. For instance, if you reflect on what is worrying on, you can actually draw more of those instances into your life. Instead, the best thing that you can do is to focus on the things you wanted in your life and you can get more of that.
  • The law of attraction which is one of the most important principles of the book highlights that you attract to whatever kind of things your energy is focus on either it is good or bad. These includes working out with relationship, goals, possessions and all other things that you wanted to accomplished in your life.

Secrets by Rhonda Byrne also share specific strategies and all other insights that you may use in your everyday life. It also upholds history regarding the use of the law of attraction. Apart from that it also offers realistic examples on how this can worked out in people’s life making it an informative and interesting book that people should read.

The Controversies of the Book

Despite of the huge numbers of advantages that The Secret offers, there come to a point that it also faces controversies. For instance, there are some people who greatly believe that this particular kind of book is a conflict between religious values of Christianity and all other religions all over the world. The book also spends time on explaining how to make use of the law of attraction in gaining material possession without any direct action.

This is the reason why many people asserted that this book is focus more on material wealth and external things which is against the wisdom of the law of attraction. There is also a criticism that this book offers an idea that people create their own difficult circumstances in their life. One of the obvious examples is the children that are born into abuse and those people who are born into extreme poverty which doesn’t fit realistic explanations. The law of attraction itself can be very controversial as this is not yet proven scientifically although this is an observed phenomenon.

Love and Gratitude

To experience the fact that the law of attraction really works for you, Byrne puts emphasis that you need to increase the quantity of time where you feels good. Living in a state of gratitude and love for all the things around you can create a vibration and can attract good things in your life. She was able to emphasize that the law of attraction is another name for love. You need to have frequent thoughts about love and everything you wanted will be given to you. It is also vital to elevate your feelings in your life since there are negative feelings that can block your way to succeed.

A book called The Secret, tells you that if you are going to do things with great knowledge, make use of gratitude as a way of life. You cannot receive more things in your life if you are ungrateful of the things that you already have.  Affirming that you are completely surrounded by huge things assures that more will come your way. Give thanks to all the things you are receiving after waking up in the morning and before sleeping. Instead of thinking and worrying that life is full of struggles; start in believing things that comes easily to you.

The Impact of the Book to the People

The Secret Rhonda Byrne review upholds several impacts to all the people who spare time and effort to read the whole content of the book. Despite of the controversies that this book is facing, still they are given assurance of the satisfaction that they’ve experienced right after reading the whole content.  They are really amazed as to how things are explained and how it was connected to realistic situation around. It also offers tips and strategies on how to obtain success in the future with positive outlook in life. This is the reason why in general, they are really satisfied with what the book offers rather than take a look and pay attention to the controversies that people are throwing against the book.

The Bottom Line

People who have already read the book “The Secret” have found out that all the principles and perspectives of this book is truly a life changing one.  Many of the readers have found that this book offers essential relief from worries and stress in life. It was also found out that this offers more positive attitude and internal control at the same time more clarification of your goals. Even if there are some hiccups or controversies that this book is facing, but, more of the people are saying that this book can completely offer excellent opportunities for relieving stress. It also offers a rough yet positive road-map towards a better life and future.

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