What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is best known to be the study of some “paranormal” occurrences, these being the various kinds of ESP. Parapsychologists have for long searched for an evidence to these otherwise unexplainable phenomenon and many of the evidences for ESP rests on either paranormal or statistical oddities and these cannot be explained.  Although parapsychology would not be considered as a formal university major or an academic discipline for the matter, yet there are more than half a dozen journals, which are authentically peer-reviewed and have been dedicated in the name of parapsychology.

Parapsychology can also be defined to be the scientific study that has to do with the interactions between living organisms, their external environment and what may seem to be transcending the known physical laws of nature. So despite of the media very often implying parapsychology as, a study that has to with anything bizarre of extra ordinary such as UFOs, big foot, vampires, witchcraft. We are sorry to disappoint you parapsychology does not include these, it is in fact a complex form of psychology that deals with a whole new level of psychology and if put to good use can prove to be very effective.

Parapsychology can be regarded, as a component that fits and ensures a better and more appropriate study of the mind and its consciousness. It is for a fact that over decades, various scientists have looked at parapsychology with a great suspicion it is so because this term has now come to be associated with a very huge variety of various mysterious phenomenon, from fringe topics to pseudoscience. We can also look at Parapsychology and find it to be quite so often linked very inappropriately to a long list of “psychic” entertainers. From magicians to so-called “paranormal investigators.” Parapsychologists and Parapsychology in itself has indeed been misused and misunderstood for long enough.

So what is it that parapsychologists study?

Many of us have had felt the strangest, and in cases the most interesting aspects of para-psychological phenomena, this being the fact that they do not limit themselves to the known boundaries that of the space and or time. It is in addition, that they blur the sharp distinction which can usually be made in between mind and matter.

From Telepathy being a mind-to-mind communication, through senses that are not the ones we normally make use of, to Remote Viewing. Remote viewing being the knowledge of events hidden in space or time, and you are able to see and know of them before you are told, or before you actually experience them. However, parapsychology goes to completely new level with Precognition, which is kind of a prediction of the future to Psycho kinesis and Survival Studies which deals with ghosts and out of the body experiences and all.

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