What is Yoga?

Most of us are leading lives, which run on a singular track. We are accustomed to looking forward to others and on the outside of ourselves for any fulfillments; though the answers all lie inside. We live in a world, which has successfully conditioned us into believing that our outer attainments are what can give us the solutions to our problems and are the only source of giving us exactly what we want. Our experiences on the contrary show us that anything that is external will not be able to answer that craving, that deep longing that we have for more, something more. The answers lie within us for our soul comes with the Universal Consciousness that we block out by depending on outward sources for answers and fulfillments.

It is quite so ordinarily that our awareness and a significant part of our energies have been directed outwards, towards the things that are offered by this world. We perceive through very limited means, our 5 sense are our gate way to the outside world and most of our reasoning is dependent on the deceptive data which is usually supplied by our physical senses. It is here that we need to learn to be able to tap into a deeper level of awareness to solve bigger problems and answer complex questions. However, there are techniques of yoga, which need to be followed accurately if one wishes to reach this level of spiritual attainment.

Yoga can be viewed as a simple process where you have the potential of practically reversing almost everything in the ordinary outward flow and redirect these energies and consciousness to levels that will help the mind grow and be more dynamic. Yoga will make you capable of not only relying on your senses, but also experiencing the truth. Hence, yoga enhances individual consciousness and helps you grow as an individual. The word yoga in itself stands for “union”: this union may possibly be of the individual’s consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. Though there are many people who think of yoga to be simply physical exercises, and they believe that the postures which have gained an immense popularity over the last few decades are to credit for yoga’s widespread popularity.

The methods of yoga of vary with the goals that you wish to achieve, and these very methods are what will help you, systematically in the achievement of higher techniques of yoga. Once you have reached this level you will be able to follow the various paths that will lead you towards that one specific goal, many branches of yoga help achieve different goals in life. Few of these, of course the most popular ones are Hatha Yoga, karma yoga, Bhakti Yoga, mantra yoga and jnana yoga or Gyana Yoga.
Whilst all these types of yoga come loaded with their distinctive features, they all aim at helping you attain the fulfillment that you have for long seeks, yoga will bring your restless heart to peace. So if you have always felt like something was missing, if you have always been in a rush and if you seek to attain awareness and control over your experiences and truths that you live, yoga is just the answer that you have been looking for.

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